NegaJournal™ the first Journal for Negative Results

At NegaJournal™ we believe in the tremendous teaching of mistakes. There are great learning to be made when things goes wrong ! so we love negatives mistakes, in facts there is more value in sharing what doesn't work rather than sharing publishing success stories.

So we are solely publishing scientific articles and papers presenting negative results.

You have an experiment that didnot go well : send us your white paper.

Our plateform used a "Self governed" review system using ledger technologies,

i.e. anyone can publish a paper, and it is readily available to the public in an unclassified format.

each article can be reviewed by peers and assigned a network rating which allow it to percolate the classification ladder.

We featured also papers which has credential from trusted review boards.

We simplified the publish process : you need to complete three steps to publishing your paper on the blockchain

  1. register your author's name and contact
  2. seed your article on our IPH-network
  3. submit the SHA-256 hash of your article along with a $25 fee.